Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MWC Overload!

I'm just going to drop in here and say that some of the stuff I've been reading from MWC is absolutely insane.

Tegra 3 chips demoed?!

TI OMAP 4430's upclocked SGX 540 outperforming Tegra 2?!

Galaxy S II's Mali-400MP GPU benchmarked!

Qualcomm's successor to Scorpion?!

Cortex-A15 news!

As you can see, AnandTech wins my approval for the best articles. As usual, they provide well-written, well-researched articles that manage to dig up tidbits of SoC information that I'm not able to find anywhere else (and ultimately are accurate!) I'll give AndroidAndMe the runner-up because when it comes to NVIDIA's Tegra platform, Taylor Wimberly keeps his ear to the ground.

I recommend reading through AnandTech's Smartphones section for some great info as to what the SoC future holds in store for us (and the future looks bright!) If you're pondering getting a Tegra 2 phone, trust that AndroidAndMe will keep you up to date on any developments.

I hate to say it boys and girls, but these guys have got everything covered... I've got no inside scoop this time around. That said, I'm glad to see more tech blogs take a much more interested and informed approach to SoC comparison compared to a year ago, and manufacturers are releasing much more information about their chips now that the mobile market is interested in more than just clock speeds.

Thank you, tech bloggers. I originally wrote my Hummingbird vs Snapdragon article out of frustration with the amount of poor information available to those wanting to compare or understand ARM hardware. Since then, perhaps due to the increased availability of information available by the SoC manufacturers, we're seeing much-more informed articles about ARM hardware making it out to the masses.

I may end up on the sidelines, but I'm happy knowing that readers have a lot better reading material to base their smartphone investment upon!

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