Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fun with Tasker Part II: Covert mugshots!

Okay Blog, I've been neglecting you. Today, I'll outline a neat little trick once again using the amazing automation tool, Tasker.

First, I've an admission to make. My phone doesn't use one of those coded lockscreens. There's a couple reasons for this... I don't have time to deal with it, and it's far too easy to get around those screens by looking at a screen at a shallow angle and seeing where the fingerprints are.

That said, my phone hardly is lacking in the security department. I've written a few pretty involved scripts in Tasker that will, when I text the phone a secret phrase, turn my phone into an information-gathering powerhouse.

Specifically in this post I'm going to describe how I can covertly and remotely grab photos from the front and rear cameras on my phone as well as see the ugly mug of the last person who unlocked my screen, and have those photos quietly emailed to me. This can be an awesome tool if your phone is stolen or if you just want to know who the last person to unlock your screen was.

Let's get started!