Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mini-project: Fixed my Trackball Explorer

I don't think anyone truly understands my love for my Microsoft Trackball Optical Explorer.

I've used mice and trackballs interchangeably since the family first got a computer back in 1993. I've always preferred trackballs. There's been one trackball in particular that has served me well over the years, and it's the Microsoft Trackball Optical Explorer, known affectionately among it's cult following simply as the MTE.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Speed Dial: Must-have Firefox or Chrome add-on

I love this extension for Chrome. Just found out that it has a Firefox version too, so I figured I'd share.

In short, this is what a new tab in Chrome looks like for me:

You can choose between Chrome-style screenshots for your bookmark icons, a set of included commonly used logos, or put in a URL to a logo of your choice. If you use a logo you've picked, the program automatically resizes it to fit on the icon, so it's pretty simple; bookmark a favorite site into Speed Dial, copy and paste a logo URL into the extension, and you're all set.

You can select from a series of color backgrounds, or add your own background image. For a while I debated using one of the amazing HDR photos from here: Gizmodo HDR Photo Shooting Challenge, but eventually chose to stick with a minimalist blue.

You can also adjust numbers of rows and columns, add the recently-closed items bar, and pretty much customize it as you see fit. A great way to make opening your favorite websites a visually-appealing one-click deal!

Speed Dial for Chrome

Speed Dial for Firefox

New Opportunities...

I haven't posted in a few weeks, and the primary reason is that I've had my hands full since I'll be starting a new job on June 1st!

I'll be working as a TSR (Technical Support Representative) at a Help Desk. It's kinda low on the totem pole, but the pay is a step up from my current job (working for a large home and business alarm security company) and opens new opportunities for me in the IT industry.

Hopefully I'll have a little more time to work on my blog here.

I should give you a brief update on the last two postings about setting up a surveillance system.

I've set it up, but the webcam I have is, go figure, one of only a handful of models that are virtually impossible to convert to IR without risking damaging the CCD (image sensor) of the webcam. If I can find a cheap enough cam, I'll convert it and complete my how-to.

More importantly, I've got to finish my post on how to set up the home surveillance / motion detection system using your existing desktop and integrated laptop webcams.

Yike, a lot to do; I've been slacking!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

iPad Opinion Poll closed.

I'm closing the iPad opinion poll. But for posterity, here are the results:


I tried to change the color of the values and percentages, but Google won't let me (which makes sense, it's a poll!)

So if you can't read it, the values are 7 (7%), 12 (13%), 32 (35%), 38 (42%) accordingly. 

EDIT - Odd... it's changed completely. Google must re-use the IDs they use in their polls; it must be showing the values from someone else's poll!