Friday, March 4, 2011

Smartbench 2011: your multi-core benchmark

Smartbench 2011 is now on the Android market! I encourage everyone who likes to benchmark to download and use this excellent tool. (Insert disclaimer: benchmarks are benchmarks, nothing more; they should not be used as proof for anything.)

It's the successor to Smartbench 2010, which I've done a lot of testing with on behalf of it's developer, Acei, the admin over at Smartbench 2010 demonstrated itself to be an excellent benchmark, working far better than some of the alternatives, (coughQuadrantcough).

Smartbench 2011 takes it a step further with multi-core support, as well as a really cool benchmark score aggregator that displays the scores of like-clocked phones and those running the same custom ROM averaged together. Thus, not only does it show you what phones are performing best in the benchmark, but what ROMs and overclocks are dominating the field.

Even if you don't have a dual-core phone, it's a worthy improvement over Smartbench 2010, and a far cry better than the-benchmark-that-shall-not-be-named.

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  1. I am running the SmartBench 2011 test with a test script. I would like to be able to get the Productivity Index score and Games Index score using my script and without a person looking at the screen to get it. I didn't find them in the logcat. Does anyone know how these scores can be accessed?