Sunday, August 29, 2010

Help me pick my Galaxy S...

Alright folks, I need your help. I have to decide which Galaxy S phone I'm going to buy this fall.

Currently, I'm torn primarily between the Verizon Fascinate and the Sprint Epic 4G. Here's the Pros vs. Cons for me:


Already on Verizon (and so is my girlfriend)
Better network
Thinner and lighter

Bing Search (Per Engadget it can't be changed to Google either!)
No front-facing camera.
Expensive monthly payment
Only 3G connection

Epic 4G

4G connection (available in my city too)
QWERTY keyboard
Front-facing camera

Would have to switch carriers (and my girlfriend doesn't really want Sprint)
Less reliable network
Still a fairly expensive monthly payment, and $10 extra for 4G data service.
Phone is heavier and thicker

Other than that, the phones are pretty much the same aside from the relatively minor differences of bundled software. I want the front-facing camera and the physical keyboard, but I worry about call quality and reception.

Be sure to put your vote in the poll at the top of my blog, and if you'd like to recommend the other two options (Captivate and Vibrant), please feel free to do so!


  1. Possible alternative:

    You could order a Bell Galaxy S Vibrant from up here in Canada, unlock it, and use it on AT&T. It's exactly the same as the international version (including front-facing cam), except it has North American GSM and 3G frequencies.


  2. That's a really good option Alexander. I can't say I'm considering AT&T as a carrier choice but it's a great point.

  3. well the epic also has a notification light and other galaxy s phones don't and the overall feel of the device is better the plastic is higher quality and it's heaver and makes it feel much more solid,its still noticebly lighter then the evo,and most revewers agree this is the best hard qwerty ever on a android phone and only the htc touch pro 2(WM phone) can challenge it.It's also nicer for gaming

  4. I'm definitely leaning towards the Epic 4G... Verizon's really ticked me off with the Bing lockdown on the Fascinate.

    But then again, my father just switched from Sprint to Verizon because of how frequently he was dropping calls. That said, Sprint's Family plan allows everyone to have unlimited data, whereas the Verizon one requires everyone to buy the data plan separately. In short, with Sprint, Lynn could get a phone with unlimited data without us having to spend any more money.