Friday, March 19, 2010

Driver hacking is serious business!

Look what just made big news on engadget:

Old news for me... the guy that did this back in March of 2009 is the fellow who inspired me to try hacking my ELAN touch-pad drivers.

Guess I should get crackin', huh? Now that it's got media attention, someone is going to try beating me to cracking open the ELAN drivers!

UPDATE: Actually, I'm wrong. These are WHQL drivers released by HP that happen to have a set of hardware profiles in its .INF file that support just about every Synaptics multi-touch device. See my guide on hacking drivers for more info!

1 comment:

  1. Damn, spent all evening trying to break into those ELAN drivers again. ELAN has worked very hard to cover their tracks, rewriting the .inf files of drivers released after their settlement with Apple (which they apparently deny) to remove any indication of multi-touch gestures.

    Still working on it though...